Apartment Security

Multifamily rental housing studies have told us for years that security is an important consideration for apartment and condominium dwellers, especially in urban areas.  It is hardly surprising to now see “security” being sold as an amenity in many progressive apartment communities.

The secret to selling security, like an amenity, is to promote it and then maintain.  Promoting security and safety is in everyone’s best interest and helps keep the level of awareness high.  New technology requires interaction with the residents, which tends to reinforce the original purpose.  Contrary to popular belief, promoting security does not create any additional liability risks, as long as the information provided is accurate and the security features are maintained.  We here at Site Safe Security specialize in designing, engineering and servicing access control along with surveillance systems for multifamily housing communities, which include:

  • Automatic Roll Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates
  • Custom Gates and Fencing
  • Doorking Telephone Entry Systems
  • Card Access
  • Keypads
  • Pedestrian Access Gates
  • Repair/Service Pool Gates
  • Repair/Service Dumpster Enclosures
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems (Install, Service, Inspection and Testing)
  • Burglary Alarm Systems (Install and Monitoring)
  • Intercom Systems

For safety and security purposes, apartment homes have had a need to control access into, and in some cases, with in the building.  Doorking grants residents access and provides communication for guests to identify themselves to the residents.

The protection of your Residents is our first priority.   We deliver top quality systems and services by utilizing the latest in advanced equipment and proven techniques, which ensure the residents and your investment, remain secure.  

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