Case Stories

A personal security firm required twenty cameras installed in their client's estate within three days due to death threats. The estate was comprised of seven primary buildings which created a number of wifi challenges. In addition, exterior cables had to be secure from possible sabotage.

After consultation with our client we utilized secure and interior cabling throughout the facility that dead headed into a secure primary control and monitoring station for onsite personnel. In addition, we provided the client with his own bank of TV’s where he could access any camera at any time of the day or night. Lastly, we provided monitoring solutions onsite and with a third party. We accomplished all of this within his three-day time period.

A National REIT contracted us to remove old access control systems and to install a new solution. While this type of business is routine for Site Safe they also requested us to help them solve an installation problem. The existing equipment was connected to a bollard, but it did not cleanly fit and protruded from the bollard contour; potentially creating an opportunity for the customer to hit the keypad or for weather damage.

Site Safe fabricates custom gates and we took this customer problem and designed a solution that included a custom steel plate which allowed the new equipment to fit flush and mount cleanly on the existing bollard; alleviating the potential problems.

Natural disasters happen and servicing self-storage units and apartments in the Gulf States brings with it a problem shared by all; lightning strikes, hurricanes and floods. When floods happen and lighting strikes; electricity shorts out and facilities lose power. A fire panel will fail and/or cameras short or a customer will hit a gate because they cannot see, or the gate will be under water. Our customers never know if their geographic region will be missed or hit with lighting, hurricanes and floods.

In planning for these events Site Safe has developed a quick response team of 5 professional techs that will immediately travel to the hard-hit areas and work with our clients district managers.

You call…..we roll…24/7….anywhere in the Gulf Coast

A fire panel goes down, located in the apartment clubhouse due to a power surge from a lightning strike. In many cases, our customers have more than one grounding rod, but in this situation, there was only one. Even with multiple grounding rods, the strength of the lighting was exceptional and would not have made a difference. We dispatched and determined the equipment requirements and spoke to multiple supplies to determine what was needed. It was determined that matching the customer’s existing panel was not possible. We installed a new fire panel from our stock. While this panel is typically sufficient, it was not the best fit for this situation. It did, however, allow us to keep our client off fire watch until the appropriate panel arrived. This saved our client thousands of dollars that would have been spent on “Fire Watch”. When the best fit fire panel arrived, we installed it and removed our loaner.